Connect: Three shapes, infinite possibilities

Robin Levien

Robin Levien, a leading bathroom designer, has created Connect — an attractive, comprehensive collection that gives you design options, practical solutions, affordability and, of course, Ideal Standard quality.

Shape to your taste

Connect is where creative design meets practical solutions.

Choose a style which appeals to your taste from three distinctive basin shapes then build your dream bathroom around it. With Connect you can fulfill your whole wish list. You’ll discover WC and bathing options, innovative storage, mixers and taps, stylish accessories and some very clever ideas along the way. Whether you’re planning a busy family space, an elegant shower room or a compact cloakroom Connect offers a complete solution and value without compromise.

A total bathroom solution

Whatever questions your bathroom poses, Connect is the answer.

It has the sizes and shapes you need to make the most of your space and express your sense of design. Connect Blue fittings can help you save water and energy. So whether you need to replace a single piece, or design a completely new bathroom, put yourself in touch with Connect.

A range of sizes, for a perfect fit

Everyone’s bathroom is different, so one size will definitely not fit all

That’s why we’ve created Connect with a wide range of sizes, a choice of basin designs, and a large selection of furniture finishes. It gives you an almost infinite amount of choice… and the best chance of finding the perfect fit for your space and your needs.

Shape your bathroom

Product Options


Connect offers you the smooth, streamlined shape of a Cube basin, the graceful curve of an Arc or the fully rounded effect of a Sphere basin.
For even more choice, there’s also a range of countertop or vanity options. Choose the one that best suits your taste, then use it as a base for the design of your whole bathroom.

Relax with style

Product Options


Connect baths offer you the luxury of gently sloped interiors with softly shaped inner rims that echo the design style of Connect basins. Choose from four different types: a standard bath available in three sizes, a double-ended bath, a shower bath that maximises your showering space and an eco option sculpted bath designed to save water.

Clever design

Product Options


As well as containing advanced, water-saving innovations, Connect Blue fittings have complete design harmony with the rest of the Connect range. They add visual highlights to Connect basins, bidets, baths and showers. They’re also ergonomically designed and precision-built so they’re a joy to use.

Add your highlights

Product Options


From soap dishes and dispensers to hooks and toothbrush holders, from shower columns to shelves, the Connect accessory range has been specifically designed to give your bathroom extra highlights, as well as beautifully finished details.

Space solutions

  • Shaping Up

    Small room

    There’s no such thing as a standard bathroom; they range from small guest bathrooms to grand, master bedroom affairs.

  • Shaping Up

    Medium room

    One thing they do all have in common is the fact that a stylish and intelligent use of space will enhance their visual appeal, and make them a joy to use.
    The floorplans opposite are just some of the possible configurations, suggested to help you see the possibilities.

  • Shaping Up

    Large room

    Even more helpfully, all the different items in the Concept range can mixed and matched to suit your plans.

  • Small room

  • Medium room

  • Large room

All Connect products

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All Connect Blue products

  • Washing area

    Washing area

    This is the most frequently used part of a...

    This is the most frequently used part of a bathroom, so choose a design to suit your taste and fully meet your practical requirements. Whether you want modern or classic, rounded or more geometric, Ideal Standard's wide range of products can offer all kinds of solutions to help you create your own ideal bathroom.

  • Showering


    What's the key to a great shower? You need to...

    What's the key to a great shower? You need to consider style, how much space you have and the level of control you need.

  • Bathing & Spa

    Bathing & Spa

    The bath is a visual centrepiece to the bathroom...

    The bath is a visual centrepiece to the bathroom and can be a striking design piece.

  • WC & Bidet

    WC & Bidet

    Choose a WC and bidet to complement your basin...

    Choose a WC and bidet to complement your basin shape and bathroom style.

  • Taps & mixers

    Taps & mixers

    We've got something for everyone; a comprehensive...

    We've got something for everyone; a comprehensive range of simple and intuitive-to-use taps and mixers for the bath, shower, basin and even kitchen.

  • Kitchen taps & mixers

    Kitchen taps & mixers

    Extend the designs of our ranges through the home...

    Extend the designs of our ranges through the home with the kitchen mixer, ensuring everything that you##n## love about your bathroom fittings, moves seamlessly into the kitchen.