• Design. Precision.


    Strada is designed to help you recreate that sophisticated ‘hotel look’ in your own bathroom. Its clean lines and streamlined shapes give your bathroom a very contemporary feel - so it’s both stylish to look at, and a joy to use.

  • Design. Precision.


    Strada is a modern style statement. With its integrated balanced proportions in rectangles or circles, Strada allows you to express yourself and use space beautifully.

  • Design. Precision.


    So feel free to create your minimalist look, whilst tailoring in all the elements you need in your ideal bathroom.

Beautiful form and function

Strada works with you to create that designer ‘hotel bathroom’ look in your own home.
You can align Strada’s cubes to give the immediate impression of ordered calm the moment you walk into the room. The clean, straight lines of Strada baths and basins will give that modern, balanced feel to your bathroom, whilst clever storage solutions help you keep your toiletries and accessories neatly out of sight.
Our Strada taps award-winning are examples of flawless design; they have adjustable aerators that allow you to control the direction of water flow and help prevent splashing.
So Strada isn’t just beautiful – it’s also designed to function perfectly and deliver a bathroom that meets your needs, brilliantly.

Easy to use functionality

Strada is about substance, as well as style. High quality materials and modern finishes all contribute to the collection’s look, and its practicality.
There are any number of clever touches you’ll appreciate every time you use your bathroom. Soft close systems on all drawers, for example, that bring a touch of luxury and add to your bathroom’s sense of calm.
Strada’s taps follow the straight line styling, with outstanding cleanliness and precision. They’ve won an award from
IF International Forum – one of Europe’s most respected design centres. They also have unrivalled function; a clever
aerator within the tap adjusts at a touch, to eliminate splashing and give you a more serene experience.

Contemporary modern

Strada’s balanced shapes will give you a bathroom that expresses your style, and has the feeling of sophistication that you find in the most modern, designer bathrooms.
But Strada bathrooms also work beautifully. The high quality of the furniture design and finishes are combined with the practicality of useful storage and integrated mirrors. The basins not only look good; but are also deep enough to be practical to use, ensuring you will be happy with your bathroom for years to come. Everything has been designed to work harmoniously together to deliver a truly beautiful use of space.

Freedom of choice

Set your imagination free. All Strada’s basins and vessels, furniture, showers, bathtubs and fittings are individually beautiful. We have also designed them to work together, so you can specify exactly the piece you prefer, and be assured that it will be in harmony with all the others. It will even be compatible with other Ideal Standard collections – so you have the freedom to plan your ideal bathroom, with complete confidence.

Rectangular or round

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Strada is a clear expression of modern design, with rectangles, straight lines and defined corners. Strada vessels can round, to add an interesting visual contrast to the rectangular design theme. 
Round or oval, whichever basin or vessel you choose you can be sure it will work perfectly with your Strada unit or worktop.

Stylish storage

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Whether your space is expansive, or more compact, designer storage can make it more stylish. Strada’s straight lines and unifying shapes will help you create an inspired bathroom with enough storage to make it practical and pleasurable to use.

Clean, crisp & clever

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Shower trays

A flat, smooth floor, unpunctuated by plug holes, is very stylish. Strada shower trays feature the sleek Ideal Standard blade waste system; a single, stainless steel or white strip that runs across the entire width of the tray – adding another designer touch to your bathroom.

An oasis of comfort

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Its style will impress you every time you step inside your Strada bathroom. You’ll also love the deep sensation of wellness and complete relaxation you’ll experience when you lean back and immerse yourself in the all-enveloping warmth and comfort of a steaming, hot bath.

Award winning design

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Strada’s taps have won a prestigious IF Design for style and practicality. They have also been specifically designed to match Strada’s clean lines; so they’re the final touch that completes the look of your bathroom.

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